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Our Mission

We believe the current options for period pain are still very limited. The fact that millions of people still suffer regularly from something so frequent and overbearing is outrageous. At Our Kaia, we strive to empower people who menstruate by providing a solution that helps them get back to their best, pain-free & worry-free selves. We are driven to make period wellness and education more accessible and inclusive, so that we can help as many people as possible.

We feel you

We Feel Your Pain.

We surveyed over 600 people and found that over 85% of people who experience period pain take painkillers. Around 85% of people also were unsatisfied with the current solutions on market for period pain.

We can help you

Made By People For People

Dot. is a solution created by people who mentstruate for people who menstruate. We understand, first-hand, the pitfalls for other methods of period cramp relief and we are TIRED of using them and STILL struggling with cramps. We made a solution that works for us, and we want to share it with the world.

About Me

My Story

As someone who has experienced excruciating period cramps from a young age, I know first-hand how Period Pain can greatly affect your day-to-day responsibilities, mood, relationships, and overall quality of life.

Back in India, my mother would create these amazing natural, ayurvedic remedies for my period gain that worked so well. Then, when I moved to the US in high school, I get into the rhythm of Using, painkillers Since it was easier and what was available. I ended up having to take b or more painkillers in a day just to feel some relief. L hated the side effects and the health risks that I was gutting myself through every Single month. Heat pads barely helped for me and other options either felt too invasive or too expensive.

I created dot. so that I could experience the same amazing relief that I did back in India, but still have the convenience I needed to accommodate my lousy lifestyle. It's outrageous that the current options for period cramp relief are still go limited and so many people out there are still suffering every month. I want to Share dot. with the world to help anyone with periods get back to their lest, cramp-free selves safely, conveniently, and affordably.”

Meet the team

Dr. Neelam Bhardwaj

Ayurveda doctor & Nutritionist

BAMS in Ayurveda Medicine

Dr. Bhargav Patel

Resident Physician in Psychiatry

CEO & Co-Founder MyPeak Supplements

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